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All days are not alike, some are memorable, some best forgotten, some inspiring and some defeating. Amidst life and its many vagaries, I have experienced the one constant, my family and my home. My interest in real estate stemmed from my own realization of how vital a house is for an overall well-being of an individual. From that day on, I pursued my dream to become a Realtor.

My name is Aasiya and I stand apart with my tenacity, thorough understanding of the real estate market, zeal for service and my deep rooted values of honesty, integrity and commitment. My amiable and compassionate nature helps me in gaining trust and mutual respect.

I am here to do my job with utmost sincerity and passion and aim to let my work speak for itself.

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I’ve done this two hundred and twenty nine times.

You know it. I know it… The housing market is always changing. Your home’s value could be fluctuating based on any number of things, from its curb appeal to the value of a neighboring home. That’s why I’m good to know. I’m always on top of neighborhood trends and have access to unique tools that let me price and market your home accurately.

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Pricing Your Home

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Inspections & Disclosures

From finding the right people to interpreting the results, I'm here to help.


Preparing Your Home For Sale

You’d be surprised. Even the smallest things can seal the deal.